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We are a family owned company, intent on spreading the bewilderment of adventure and the joy of childhood. We offer authentic and durable toddler boots and sneakers specifically engineered for your little one. We embrace bright colors, animated characters, and creativity in our designs to make sure your toddler has everything they need for their imagination to run wild. 


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Boogie Bear's Play It Safe

boogie bear

In Honor of June being National Safety Month, We want to talk about the importance of safety for your toddlers! 

It's difficult sometimes to incorporate safety guides into play time, We all do our very best to make sure our little ones play it safe. SO! We thought we would share some easy ways to guide safety into your children's every day play time. This will not only give your munchkin new fun experiences, these ways will also teach them some basic safety guides along the way!


The kitchen is one of the most important places to practice safe habits such as washing hands, and avoiding hot places! We thought why not have your little one in charge of these safe habits? Boogie bear and friends want your child/children to role play as a Boogie Bear Chef! As a Chef, let your toddler know the importance of their job in the kitchen. A Boogie Bear Chef has to make sure that their hands are clean before preparing meals. It is also the Chefs job to make sure everyone in the kitchen knows when the stove/oven is on and that it is HOT! As mom/dad you can play the "Chef's assistant" and demonstrate these safety tips along the way. You and your little one can make something simple in the kitchen, try to utilize the oven when cooking. Maybe bake a cake, or cookies! At the end of this role playing, you can ask your little Boogie Bear Chef what they learned before digging into the goodies! 


It's never too early to introduce your child/children to  road signsThis process can be simple by adding a set of signs to their toy collection of cars. Another fun way is to blow up the signs to a large size, print them out, and put them all of the back yard, then set up a race path. Once you have set up the path, put up the signs in different areas of the yard. Explain to your toddlers what each sign means before beginning the race. Then, make sure your children follow each sign as they pass it through the yard. When the race is finished, provide positive reinforcement to whoever followed each sign correctly with either a prize or treat. Another easy way to begin teaching road safety is to start pointing out real road signs while you are driving and show how you have to pay attention to them to be a safe driver!


As we hope the unthinkable NEVER happens, it is imperative to teach your child what to do in case of emergencies such as a fire. As a parent it is important to make sure you are knowledgeable on how to prevent fires in your home as well as what to do in case of a fire. After talking to your children about how to stay safe during a fire, allow them to act out some rescue scenes through pretend play time! Use your imagination with this, there are many scenarios you can play with your toddler to help them rescue their toys or even your family pet! Another great way to teach your children about fire safety is to tour a fire station. Many fire stations offer simple tours for kids to show them what a firefighter looks like, the firetruck, and other key elements that are associated with fire safety. Your little one will have a blast and learn the importance of fire safety along the way! Call your local area and check to see if they offer any tours. You can also point out fire trucks when driving.  


There are two very important ways for your children to stay safe on a bike. One of these ways is by making sure your toddler ALWAYS is wearing a helmet. The second way is by making sure they learn how to STOP. One way our Boogie bears enjoy practicing this most important skill is by playing traffic cop. One of them dresses up as a police officer and holds a stop sign, while the other rides a bike and must stop whenever they see the stop sign or hear the police officer say, “Stop!” This is a fun way for the kids to practice the real-life skills of paying attention to stop signs while biking, and responding to voice commands to stop or pull over to the side when a car is coming during neighborhood bike rides. 

Remember, safety doesn’t just happen; it needs to be taught! Start early by teaching your child important safety tips through play, as well as through real-life experiences. We want to make sure your little ones stay safe all the time! 

Try some of these safety experiences with your toddlers during the month of June. Start a June NATIONAL SAFETY MONTH Challenge and try to practice at least one of these safety tips once a week with your little ones! 

-Boogie Bear and Friends.