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We are a family owned company, intent on spreading the bewilderment of adventure and the joy of childhood. We offer authentic and durable toddler boots and sneakers specifically engineered for your little one. We embrace bright colors, animated characters, and creativity in our designs to make sure your toddler has everything they need for their imagination to run wild. 


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boogie bear

Hello you wonderful Mom's out there! We are in LOVE this a new product we found out about from some of our mommy friends and wanted to share it with our Boogie's! 

An absolute homemade baby food ESSENTIAL... The Little Green Pouch!

We are all about homemade baby food for our little ones. This product started just the same way as all of our favorite products... with a Mom and an idea to make her life easier. A very brilliant idea. The Little Green Pouch is a reusable pouch for babies, toddlers, even big kids! They are BPA-Free, Phthalate Free, Dishwasher Safe, and Freezer Safe.

The reason why these littles guys rock so much is because as your child gets older they can feed themselves by drinking from the tube or throwing a straw in the tube and slurping away! Also, the best part about these reusable's is that there is a zipped opening at the top. 

The package comes with 4 pouches for only $14.99! What a deal right?

These little guys also have a Patent Pending Design that allows you to open the top of the pouch to fill it with your child's food and then seal it up! These are also great to throw into your bag for your baby! Quick and Easy for everyone. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.42.30 AM.png

Each pouch holds up to 6 ounces of food with fill lines marked on the back so that you do not overfill. 

We also would like to point out how incredibly strong the zippered portion is, so no worries about spills or accidents in your bag. The bottom opens up wide so that you can stand it up to fill. You can use a spoon, or some sort of filling cup. 

Boogie Bear absolutely loves these Little Green Pouches and we hope you love them too! 


We also would like to give a huge thank you to JAMONKEY.COM for sharing her love for these pouches as well as her amazing site that she shared with us! 


Boogie Bear & Friends