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We are a family owned company, intent on spreading the bewilderment of adventure and the joy of childhood. We offer authentic and durable toddler boots and sneakers specifically engineered for your little one. We embrace bright colors, animated characters, and creativity in our designs to make sure your toddler has everything they need for their imagination to run wild. 


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boogie bear

Happy Monday! We are so excited for Fourth of July this weekend! We have been looking for some fun play dates for not only the 4th but also summertime! We found a great way to bring together friends and family this weekend and thought you mommas might like to try it for yourself! 


How fun does this look?

A great way to keep the kids happy and entertained over the summer, but especially for a great family bbq this weekend! This easily customizable pool noodle obstacle is also super affordable! You can find pool noodles anywhere ( we got ours at the dollar store). Lets get started!


(Of course the amount of materials we used are flexible, feel free to scale down or scale up)

  • Pool Noodles (40)
  • Duct Tape (3-4 ROLLS)
  • Yard Stakes (20)
  • Sponge Footballs 
  • Soccer Balls 


  • You will need both straight, unaltered pool noodles and pool noodles bent into a circle and taped together. The circular pool noodles is easy to make; just bend the pool noodle until both ends come together and secure them together with duct tape. 

1. GROUND CRAWLING (stage 1): Stick a yard stake in the ground and push 1 end of the pool noodle on it (pool noodles have a hollow middle with holes at both ends). Bend your pool noodle over to make a semi circle and push another yard stake in the ground where the pool noodle ends. Push the other end of the noodle on the stake. Repeat this process until you have the desired number of arcs, placing each pool noodle about 1 foot apart from the next. 

 2. AGILITY RINGS (stage 2): Place 1 straight pool noodle horizontally on the ground. Going upwards, put 10 circular pool noodles on the ground, 2 at a time. At the end, place another straight pool noodle. The object of this part is to bounce from ring to ring without disturbing them. 

3. FOOTBALL TOSS (stage 3): Place 1 yard stake in the ground. Push a straight pool noodle onto the yard stake. Grab 2 pool noodle rings and tape them to the top of the straight pool noodle with 1 underneath the other. Repeat with 4 more circular pool noodles. Where the circular pool noodles end, place another yard stake in the ground and push a straight pool noodle onto the yard stake. Tape the circular noodles onto the straight noodle. If your having difficulty keeping this obstacle straight, you can also push long sticks into the ground for reinforcement. Tape the sticks to the long and straight pool noodles. 

4. SOCCER SKILLS (stage 4): Stick some yard stakes in the ground in a straight row, each stake about 1 foot apart. Push a pool noodle onto each stake so they are sticking straight up in the air. Leave some soccer balls at this obstacle and watch the kids try to kick/dribble the ball around the noodles. 

5. RING TOSS (stage 5): Push a yard stake into the ground and push a pool noodle onto the yard stake so the pool noodle is standing straight up in the air. Have your kids try and throw a pool noodle ring onto the pole. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.12.14 PM.png

For an extra challenge, time your little ones! 

A Big thanks to Jill Dubien from "Meet the Dubiens" who shared this fun and playful activity with us! ENJOY!